Monday, April 23, 2012

Trip with the boy

My sister lives in Pennsylvania.
I hate it!
I miss her!!
And she misses me, I think.
So Brooks and I went to visit her. Just Brooks and I.
The traveling part of the trip was rough, as I assumed it would be. It turns out my sweet little two year old is not fond of sitting still for four hours straight.
(I knew I should have drugged him)
No matter how many treats I had to offer or books to read or movies to watch he was DONE two hours in. And he would NOT sleep, even though it was during his nap time. He cried for an hour straight asking to "get out". It was awful, embarrassing, and frustrating! And to top it all off, the woman sitting right next to me, like touching arms next to me, vomited all over the place right in the middle of the plane ride. So there I was, sick with pregnancy, trying to get my two year old to calm down with someone else's vomit on me. And wouldn't you know, the little stinker fell asleep as we were taxiing down the runway toward our gate. Awesome!! To say I was done by the time we got to my sister's house was a huge understatement.
But we had a great time otherwise! Brooks enjoyed getting to know his aunt, uncle, and new cousin. And I enjoyed some Annie time. We ate out, got mani/pedis, watched trashy television, shopped and ate a bunch of junk food. What a great week! But we definitely missed the dad in our family and were ready to get home after seven days.
The plane ride home was much better! I was more prepared. And I think he was too.
I became that mom who puts their kid on a "leash" and have absolutely no shame about it. That thing saved both our lives.
We had a great time, but I'll tell you; being a single parent for a week was ENOUGH! I have never appreciated Carson more. To all the people who
parent alone, God bless.


Jannifer said...

That plane ride sounds awful. Brooks is so cute! Glad you had a good trip.

Michelle said...

OH. MY. GOSH....that sounds like the most terrible plane ride EVER. Glad you had some fun with your sister though! :)

Stephanie said...

Sorry that lady thew up on you! How awful! Traveling with kids is horrible. I went to Utah with both boys by myself and I promised myself I will never do it again! I also said I would never to the leash, but have totally changed my mind! That thing I'm sure was a life savor wish I would have had one.